Dog's Day Out Grooming | 2015 N. Dobson Rd Chandler AZ 85224 US | (480) 786-5686 | Hours: 8:00am - 3:00pm Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. 9:00am - 4:00pm on Wednesday.  8:00am - 4:00pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  (2nd and 3rd Sunday of every Month)

Dog's Day Out Grooming

Lauren Biscoe

Diane has over 30 years of Dog Grooming Services experience.  She has been at Dogs Day Out Grooming  for 18 years and has been the owner the last 8.   Diane, her English Bulldog Suzy and her Dog Groomers all run the shop together.  She is preferred by several of our customers because of her experience and the relationships she has built with her clients and their dogs with Dog Bathing in Chandler.  She handles all breeds of dogs small to large and young and old.  She is also great for accommodating dogs with special needs because of previous vet tech experience.  Please call (480) 786-5686 to make and appointment with Diane today.

Our Groomers

Dog's Day Out Grooming in Chandler, AZ

Nicki  Ensign

Lauren is the newest addition to Dog's Day Out Grooming in Chandler, AZ.  She is passionate about grooming and loves animals.  Lauren has two Sphinx cats and a beautiful Calico.  In her free time she enjoys painting, reading and spending time with her two children.   Lauren is ready to take appointments.  Call to make an appointment with Lauren at (480) 786-5686.

Diane Stephenson

Nicki has been grooming for the last 15 years.  She received her training and start in Dog Grooming while working for PetSmart.   Nikki is capable of grooming a variety of breeds and hair types.  At home she has a cute and spunky Aussie/Lab named Benny.  Call to make an appointment with Nikki at (480) 786-5686.